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Contest Jun 2013 | Beautrim Care

Prizle – Win a 2 in 1 cleanser from Beautrim Care To all readers and customers,  you could win a 2 in 1 cleanser from Beautrim Care. Prizle is a online contest platform which allows users to search and locate over 29 different kinds of contest categories. Users can join as...

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History of Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Products history Can you imagine what got our human civilization to a level where we consume billions of cosmetics annually and make it a cultural standard for females to put on make-up every single day. Definitely, a lady back in the ancient times didn’t simply just get up one...

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Tips – Younger Looking Skin

Younger Looking Skin Tips Researchers have done various experiments on how to slow the dynamic aging process and different results have come out. However, most of us are still searching the secret on how to slow your aging. Well, this cannot be possible. However, you can make your body look...

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Tips – Makeup

Makeup Tips and Effective Steps Avoiding excessive makeup Make up is designed to enhance your beauty and not to bring some negative results in your face. A little makeup is fine to complement and enhance your beauty but excessive cosmetics on your face may bring some undesired effects. Do not use...

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What Is Threading?

Threading is of the ancient hair removal techniques that originated in the Eastern World. It has recently gained popularity as one of the most preferred method for working on eyebrows in Western and Asian countries. There are some people who use the method for getting rid of other facial...

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Home Facial Singapore

 Home Facial TipsGiving yourself a pamper session on facials at your local spa might not be within your financial limits or put a strain on your pocket but the beautiful thing is, you can treat yourself to a special facial session at home, at a reasonable cost and without...

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Tips – Eye Makeup

 Beautiful eyes are something that every woman dreams of. When it comes to the perfect make up for the face, eyes take a very prominent place.  Eyes speak a thousand words and if those eyes are beautiful enough, no one will ever think about the words! Whenever you meet...

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What is Facial?

 People tend to wonder “what is facial and what does it entail” A facial is a skin treatment done on the face. This is very relaxing and can actually do your face some good. This procedure is very sensitive and should actually be done by a qualified aesthetician. They...

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What is Skin Pigmentation?

 Skin Pigmentation is a common problem both among males and females. Asymmetric Color changes, discoloring patches on the skin (mainly on facial skin) are responsible for the aesthetic dermal complication termed as hyperpigmentation. Today, the problem can effectively be managed by certain beautification therapies and treatment methods. Let’s explore...

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What are Pimples/Acne?

 There are many people seeking the answer to the question “What are Pimples?”. These are a type of skin condition that could end up ruining a person’s day or mood as they affect the appearance of the skin. This is particularly disturbing when they are prevalent on the skin...

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