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Beautiful eyes are something that every woman dreams of. When it comes to the perfect make up for the face, eyes take a very prominent place.  Eyes speak a thousand words and if those eyes are beautiful enough, no one will ever think about the words! Whenever you meet someone, the eyes definitely catch the attention of the other person. Maybe this is the reason why the makeup stylists prioritize eye make up so much. A few eye makeup tips can come handy while dealing with eye make ups. These beautiful eyes tips can be used with your daily make up routine so that you can get the perfect eyes.

Tips to go for the perfect Beautiful Eyes

– If you are already suffering from dark circles, it is best to use a Concealer that matches the shade of your foundation. Since applying one shade lighter Concealer would further show off the dark patches, using the same tone will even out the skin tone and conceal them.

Applying an eye primer before the foundation will save the make up from creasing and pigmenting and will give the skin a smooth texture.

Applying liquid eyeliner : You can first apply a colossal or a pencil liner making a boundary and then swiftly trace the liner over it. So go for eyeliners that have pointed tips since the brush tips tend to wriggle here and there causing further harassment. While using an eye liner, try to apply the liner with the sides and not the tip since it would then give a smudged effect

– If you are particularly suffering from eye dryness or crow’s feet, eye creams rich in minerals are the perfect options. Applying them twice a day will yield appropriate results.
Try experimenting with the eye shades. Using the same eye shade everyday tends to give you a monotonous look. Go for vibrant colors once in a while and remember that smudge eye look is in!

– Saving the delicate area from Sun: Sunrays cause the skin to tan thereby causing dark circles under the skin. Do wear oversized shades whenever you step out under the sun and never forget to apply a sunscreen lotion.
Vitamin C and K induced eye products are the best while dealing with puffy eyes and dark circles since these vitamins helps to decrease the melanin production from the eyes and remove any kind of blood impurities.

Mascara containing micro-fibers are quite in demand nowadays since they give eye lashes the desired fuller look.

These beautiful eyes tips can be followed without loosening up your pocket much and can easily be made a part of your daily make up routine. The products that are used in the salons are quite affordable and hence you need not have to bother about much regarding extra costs.


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