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Eyelashes extension services have already been around for so many years and it is absolutely one of the fast growing services in the beauty industry. The fact that more and more women desire to have longer and fuller eyelashes, most salon owners nowadays are including this kind of services for their avid clients. That simply makes eyelash extension highly accessible and they come in varying types base on the clients expectation and purpose of using them. Although it’s almost impossible for you not to find a salon that offers eyelash extension services, there are however some important things that you need to get familiar with especially if it’s your first time to avail such beauty service. To help you out to choose the right type of eyelash extensions and how to choose the best beauty salon, below are some of the most relevant information that you ought to know about these beauty stuffs.

What Are Eyelashes Extension Services?

Eyelashes extension services instantly provide clients like you with longer and thicker eyelashes. Therefore, if you desire for more lusciously looking eyelashes whether you are preparing yourself for an upcoming event or you just wanted to have alluring lashes every day, then it’s now the perfect time for you to get expert touch from a professional.

Why Eyelashes Extension Services Must Be Done Professionally?

It’s very important that the eyelash extensions should be applied by a professional since it’s definitely quite a complicated task. The lashes must be arranged and blended well with the original eyelashes to make it more natural-looking. Proper handling of adhesive materials is also necessary if you don’t want to glue your eyelids and eventually become unable to open your eyes again. This may sound absurd but this is absolutely possible. Eyelash extension glue can be very powerful most especially for those semi-permanent and permanent eyelash extensions. However, a reliable salon like ours uses a specialize glue that only sticks with the hair and not with the skin. Our salon also offers almost all the eyelashes extension services that you need such as refills and removal.

What are the Benefits of Having Eyelash Extensions?

Aside from the physical, here are some more of the key benefits of wearing eyelash extensions:Eyelash extensions add character as they boost your confidence.Eyelash extensions lessens the time needed for you to fix yourself before going out as there will be no need for you to curl or put on mascara to your eyelashes.Eyelash extensions allow you to save money since you don’t necessarily need to spend for expensive mascara.Eyelash extensions can also protect your original eyelashes since curling that pulls out some eyelash strands is not at all necessary.

Why Choose Us?

You can also get the same benefits once you avail our eyelashes extension services. We value our customers the most and we believe that quality services is the best factor that will keep you going back to our salon. Our beauty experts are highly skilled to carry out the task with efficiency. They are very accommodating too and they are always ready to listen to your concerns such as asking for honest recommendations considering the type of eyelashes and the period of time that you are going to use your eyelash extensions. Our Singapore beauty salon latest facilities and the relaxing ambiance as well is also something that other salon don’t have. We also highlight our quality eyelash extensions manufactured by the world’s top supplier of eyelash extensions. Our service rates are very competitive and this is perhaps one of the factors that costumer who are value-conscious people would consider first.

It’s Our Pleasure to Welcome You!

We know that wise customers don’t easily believe in words, hence we are inviting you to come and see yourself what we can do for you. But if you don’t have much time, you can also search the services that we offer online and see that we offer almost all the latest and most innovative eyelashes extension services that can certainly meet your qualifications.


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