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MakeUp MakeOver Services

Makeup makeover services make a simple girl transform into a glamorous lady. People whether men or women are very fortunate to be borne in an era where make up is highly available. Makeup makeover is no ordinary make up application. It aims to totally enhance the looks of a person.

Makeup kits are extremely magical provided that the person who will use them are trained enough to carry out its magic. Every stroke of the brush can enhance or lessen the cheek bones, lift the nose, thinify or augment the entire face, perfectly arch the eyebrows, conceal unnecessary impurities, contour the jaw line, define the lips, boost the eyes and so many other effects.

While you can put makeup to your own face, you might also opt to consider getting makeup makeover services from a reliable salon that offers this type of services to their clients.

Makeup Makeover Services

Typically, this kind of services offered by most salons around are used to be a surprise present that is given to someone who deserves a total make over. But nowadays, there are now people who would avail this kind of services with their own initiative. Basically, there are two main reasons why people would love to have a makeup makeover; these people might think that they just have to bring out the best that they have or to surprise others with their new looks. The main objective of makeup makeover is to make you a totally different person in terms of how you look. The way you act with the way you look naturally comes along as you gain more confident about yourself.

Don’t Settle for Something Less

Ordinary makeup also means ordinary results. It’s just like putting some powder, blush on, lipstick and eye liner and you’re off. This is exactly not enough to achieve the total transformation that you are looking for. You don’t want to say that you would need a bridal makeup either or look like a debutant in a one ordinary day. Of course, you want to achieve a natural look that is very far from the way you used to look before. You need the ‘as is what it is’ effect of make up. It’s like changing your looks but carefully done to make your new look as if it was already natural of you. The aim should be more focus on transformation and not just mere enhancements.

Our MakeUp Makeover Advantage

Some people who had been to salon before won’t dare to try going to any salon at all because of the horrible after-effects of their services. Some develop skin breakouts that are very hard to fix. But our salon makes sure that all the products that we use are from the topmost manufacturers of high-quality products. We pay keen attention to the product we use for we believe that the best products deliver the best results.

Here are some of our product indications:

Mineral Base


Dermatologically proven safe

Waterproof Humidity resistant

Mineral Base

Our Beauty Experts Will Make It Possible

As soon as you get any of our makeup makeover services, we make sure that the expert touch of our Singapore beauty salon professionals can turn your world around as you see yourself as a new person with your new looks. They are highly-skilled professionals thoroughly trained for this particular field. Not to mention, we also have the most competitive service rate along with other leading salons.

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You can browse our services online and see the complete list of our makeup makeover services. Know our location and you can always visit us to check out our facilities and personally inquire about our services and service rates.


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