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Makeup Tips and Effective Steps

Avoiding excessive makeup

Make up is designed to enhance your beauty and not to bring some negative results in your face. A little makeup is fine to complement and enhance your beauty but excessive cosmetics on your face may bring some undesired effects. Do not use too much cosmetics, such as:
  • Eyeliner – Too much eyeliner can make you look terrible. Dark and thick eyeliner is able to ruin your overall makeup.
  • Mascara – Using too much cosmetics is not good for your face. It will make your face looks fake. This condition is worsen if this thick mascara is used with thick and dark eyeliner.
  • Foundation –  You should make sure that the foundation has similar color as your skin. This foundation is important to protect your face. Many people use foundation to give their face smooth look. You can also do the same thing to blend the color in your face.
  • Powder – Do not apply too much powder on your face. Please ensure that blend all your makeup so there is no obvious line on your face.


You should apply lip liner in order to cover your lips. You can add some color to make your lipstick stay much longer. Be sure that the lip liners do not appear clearly. Your lip color has to match your skin tone. Always choose cool colors for your lipstick. If you really want to get smaller lips, you can keep the lip liner inside your lips. Do not put too much lips liner on your lips. If you need to have larger lips than your normal size, you can apply the lips liner based on the natural outline. Do not deviate from the natural outline.

Appropriate makeup

You should use makeup that is suitable for the specific events. If you are coming to the beach event, you should not use similar makeup as you were coming to the dancing club. You should also differentiate your daylight makeup with your evening makeup.

Too little makeup or no makeup at all

Some people do not use makeup because they are unsure how to use the correct makeup. They are afraid of using makeup. If you are not sure, you can begin with light colors for your face. Always start slowly when applying the makeup products on your face. It means that you should add only one cosmetic at one time. You can always begin with foundation, mascara, and add some blush or lipstick. Some people may feel uncomfortable when they wear a lot of makeup for the first time. That is the reason why you should always start slowly. If you are still not sure about your makeup, you need to talk with some experts.

Overall look

After you finishing all your makeup, everything should look natural. It means that you should avoid any colors that clash each others. For people with dark hair or skin, it is recommended for them to wear dark makeup. When you have light colored hair or skin, you need to choose light colored makeups for your face. Some people may find that their face is very oily. It is important for them to use oil control moisturizers and foundation to remove excessive oil from your skin.

Hair color

Choose the perfect hair color is similar to your skin color. If your hair is dark and you want to add some colors, you need to keep it close to the original shade. If your hair color is considered as light, you should add some light colors to your hair. You should keep your hair color. Do not let the hair roots show. It means that you should add some colors to your hair regularly.

Regular Touch Ups

You can keep your makeup looking fresh by applying the regular touch ups. You should not let your makeup fade.

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