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OPT SHR-Fastest & Pain free

OPT hair removal

OPT hair removal machine is the new technology for permanent hair removal. It is upgrading from the IPL hair removal machine and cut or cancel the energy decease of the sub pulse.

OPT laser hair removal is short for optimal pulsed light, which we also call the SHR hair removal machine. The super hair removal machine is safe and painless.

VIVALaser OPT laser machine VA-305 is the best one for permanent hair removal. Here let’s learn how IPL SHR machine works.

Hair growth Cycle for OPT SHR Hair removal

In general, the OPT SHR hair removal growth cycle has three stages, anagen catagen, and telogen.

In the anagen, hair is growing fast and the melanin in the follicle will absorb the IPL light. While in the catagen and telogen, hair is not growing or very slow.

So only in the anagen period, opt laser hair removal could achieve the best results. The human catagen could last 4-5 months, we can not complete permanent hair reduction in one time.

Generally, permanent hair removal treatment needs 3-5 times to achieve the best results. The permanent hair removal time span is around six months.

Why OPT Laser is pain-free & safe?

The basic theory for the Opt laser hair removal machine is the selective absorption of light. The melanin in the hair follicle will absorb the laser, and the laser will heat the hair follicles.

The temperature in the hair follicles increased fast in a short time. Then achieve a permanent hair removal effect. OPT hair removal is short for the optimal pulsed technology.

Compared to normal IPL technology, OPT energy output is always at the same level. At the same time, OPT technology is also In-motion SHR technology. OPT SHR handpiece could sweep fast on the treatment area.


Which one is better?- OPT laser or IPL

OPT hair reduction is better than IPL from these 3 points.

OPT laser hair removal is more comfortable and painless

IPL hair removal is hot and more painful due to the shots being hot. IPL has 5 to 8 pulse for one flash. The energy of every pulse is different. The IPL pulse energy is diminishing. IPL treatment needs higher first pulse energy because of the sub-pulse energy decrease. Burning may happen because of the unequal pulse influence. For the OPT, it does not burn or hurt at all. SHR technology has divided the pulse in every flash. One flash one pulse, every flash energy is the same.

OPT laser treatment is faster

OPT SHR machine uses the sweeping super hair removal method, the frequency could up to 10Hz. Basic IPL hair removal needs several seconds for the next shot. The research proves SHR hair reduction mode is 2 to 3 times faster than the IPL method. OPT SHR Method needs 4-6 sessions for permanent hair removal; IPL needs 6-12 sessions.

OPT laser machine is more effective

As we referred above, the pulse energy with OPT technology is the same, there is no energy diminishing. There is more energy delivered to the targeted areas. The OPT method has more effective and much faster results. OPT treatment has no downtime. It is has a wide application.

Applications for OPT laser hair removal

Except for hair removal, OPT technology hair removal apply in other treatment. Below is the list for the OPT laser application. 1.Permanent hair removal for skin type I-VI 2. Skin rejuvenation and whitening 3. Acne treatment 4. Wrinkle removal 5. Pigmentation removal (Freckle removal) 6.Spider vein removal 7.Wrinkle removal

SHR hair removal procedure

Before taking the hair reduction treatment, we should clear if you are a good candidate. The SHR hair removal procedure as below
  1. Patients need to shave the hair before the treatment.
  2. Patients need to wear eye shields to protect your eyes during the treatment.
  3. We will use a cooling gel to protect the outer layers of your skin. This step will also make the treatment more effective. Because the gel helps light penetrating through the skin.
  4. First, we choose the gender, hair thickness, hair color, skin color. Then we adjust the treatment parameters.
  5. Start the treatment from a low-energy to test if patients could adapt to the treatment.
  6. Choose Super hair removal mode for large body area treatment. Choose the fixed hair removal mode for small area treatment.
  7. When we complete all the procedures, we could use ice packs creams. ICE could soothe the treated areas and diminish any discomfort.

How to choose a good OPT laser machine?

What could be a five stars OPT Hair removal review machine? These 4 points are very important.

Handpiece Cooling

Handpiece cooling is very important. it affects safety and comfort during the treatment. VIVALaser OPT handpiece cooling could lower than -20℃.

Power supply power

Higher OPT power supply power makes the treatment more effective. The power supply for VIVALaser is 2000W.

Water quality

Water quality affects the lifetime of the machine. If the water is full of dirty, lifetime will be much short. But how to control the water quality after machine long hours work? The VIVALaser OPT machine adopts filters to purify the water. PP cotton filter and ion filter.

Xenon Lamp

The quality of the Xenon lamp decides the lifetime of the lamp shots. UK lamp and Germany lamp are the best for OPT handpiece. VIVALaser UK lamp lifespan could reach 1 million shots.

Machine Design

A good design ensures the quality and stability of the machine. VIVALASER OPT SHR Hair removal machine is well designed and we use imported core parts.

Who is the reliable OPT hair removal machine manufacturer?

VIVALaser is the leading beauty machine manufacturer in China. All our products are of high quality and good efficiency. We do OEM and ODM. We offer 3 high quality OPT SHR Machines Single handpiece SHR machine VA-304 (Portable) Double Handpiece SHR + E-light machine VA-305 (Portable)


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