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Reasons Why You Should Ditch Waxing and Switch to Laser Hair Removal

Tired of plucking, shaving, or sometimes using hair removal creams? There are several ways to remove annoying unwanted body hair, and every technique is quite different. But which is the easiest? Which is the most effective? Which one is the least painful? 

A lot of women today spend thousands of dollars on body waxing. Not only will it cost you more, but waxing results don’t last. With the commencement of technology, you do not have to worry about removing unwanted hairs, when you can get your hands on laser hair removal. Here are several important reasons why you should consider having a laser hair removal.

Simpler in Nature

If you consider how much money, time, energy, and worry you spent over your lifetime removing your unwanted hair from different places. It is quite attractive and efficient in terms of cost and effort. Shaving every single day; waxing every weekend; trimming, plucking, and bleaching daily? No doubt spending a little time and having laser hair removal, which is painless and effective, is a better option. 

In addition, waxing takes more appointments than laser hair removal because waxing requires a series of repeated treatments to achieve the desired results. While this treatment, on the other hand, can be very effective and you can see the results from the first treatment. Additionally, waxing can definitely cause some skin irritation and redness, while laser hair removal is minimally invasive and has minimal side effects.

Waxing Results Don’t Last

Most of the time, wax controls hair growth by pulling out the hair roots. When your unwanted hair is too short, the wax can’t grab the hair and the hair won’t be pulled out. In order to see the best results, you must grow your unwanted body hair by at least half an inch before you go to your next waxing session. The results of waxing only last a few weeks and so you’ll need to wax again and again. 

Hence, this is where laser hair removal shines. When you don’t want hair in a particular area of your body, you want it gone as soon as possible, right? Although we can’t guarantee results because your body will try to replace hair growth naturally, over time, you will notice a permanent depletion in the amount of hair that grows back. In addition, you can also expect to be hair-free for several months to a year following treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is Cost-Effective

Frequent waxing sessions can cost you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. As long as you wax, you will definitely continue to spend money to remove unwanted body hair. Depending on the areas that you want to wax, you will definitely end up spending thousands of bucks. 

In addition, it also decreases  the waiting time for regrowth. Procedures like shaving and waxing require your hair to grow above the skin to completely remove it. Leaving you waiting for your hair to lengthen just so you can get it. With this treatment, it can be removed before it becomes an unattractive and irritating stubble. Therefore, think of laser hair removal as an investment to yourself and a way to adhere to your schedule by saving you time.

Laser Hair Removal is Painless

For most clients, laser hair removal is totally painless even without anaesthetic cream. A cooling cream counteracts the heat from the laser to maintain smoothness of your skin. Following the detailed instructions lessens your risk of any side effects on your skin. Compared to hair plucking or waxing, which breaks the hair out of your skin, or shaving, which comes with the risk of accidentally wounding your skin, this treatment is both pain-free and safe. 

Furthermore, it isn’t in the least bit painful or unsafe. Beside our main objective of making all of our clients feel comfortable during treatments, laser hair removal is quick and highly efficient. For hair removal, we use a complex laser, which involves targeting a pulsing beam of light on the areas where you want to remove your unwanted body hair. The equipment targets each hair follicle using the melanin of your hair shaft, removing it completely with heat while leaving the surrounding skin safe and unharmed. You may experience some heatiness during the recovery process; it is painless and does not require any healing or downtime.

It Eliminates Stubborn Ingrown Hair

One big benefit of laser hair removal is its ability to address the issue of ingrown hair, especially from plucking. Ingrown hairs are extremely difficult to remove, even with methods like shaving, and often it returns as soon as you remove them. Ingrown hair is often caused by repeated aggressive removal of unwanted hair; over time, ingrown hairs grow sideways under the skin and can cause bumps and irritation on the skin. Also, they’re susceptible to infection and skin deformation if removed incorrectly. Our laser can definitely stop hair growth and resolve ingrown hair problems without the risk of getting infection and minimal chances of coming back.

Laser Hair Removal is Effective

Who doesn’t like perfectly smooth and glassy skin? We all want that, right? Having flawless smooth skin is extremely possible with the help of this treatment. Compared to other hair removal techniques such as plucking or shaving, laser hair removal results in smoother and youthful skin. The laser hair equipment smooths it out by delaying hair growth. 

Lastly, the best part of undergoing laser hair removal is the way you feel once you’ve achieved the skin complexion you always wanted. So you’ll be able to dress up fancier without having a stubble, razor burn, or irritated skin that will ruin your look. Once your unwanted body hair disappears and you see your skin transformed, you’ll feel ready to look and act like the very best version of yourself. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons to ditch waxing from now on and switch to laser hair removal. The process of this non-invasive treatment is more essential, less painful, and long-lasting. It is an affordable way and can be done easily and safely. So if you want to have a more permanent alternative, you need to ditch waxing and switch to laser hair removal. Get in touch with Beautrim Care today!

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