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People tend to wonder “what is facial and what does it entail” A facial is a skin treatment done on the face. This is very relaxing and can actually do your face some good. This procedure is very sensitive and should actually be done by a qualified aesthetician. They are trained in every single step based on what you are looking for. There are different types of facials which depend on your preference. Facials range from about 15 minutes to 2 hours. The ones that take about 15-20 minutes are called mini facials. Our vast knowledge on this is what makes us a favorite among many in Singapore.

What to expect for a facial treatment

– Consultation : This is actually very important as it prepares you on what to expect. The aesthetician will take time to explain each and every step they are going to take. This will also give you a chance to ask any question you might be having. If you have any concerns then this is the best time to raise them. If you also have some sort of medical condition or if pregnant, you should let the aesthetician know. This is because it will help the aesthetician know their limits and extent.

– Cleansing : The professional will use some cotton pads to gently wipe and cleanse your face. These vary on your skin type; normal, dry, oily, sensitive or mature.

– Skin analysis: The aesthetician will take a close look of your skin through a magnifying glass. This will help determine your type of skin and what will be needed to be done. While on it, your eyes will be covered if a big magnifying lamp will be used. It will show any damage that your skin might be having. This will help determine the type of products and treatment to be used.

– Exfoliation : This might require a mechanical or chemical exfoliation. The mechanical exfoliation includes a gritty substance that removes the dead skin on your face usually during steaming. The chemical exfoliation uses chemicals and acids to get lose the bonds on your facial skin. A solution like glycolic acid is used. This procedure should however be done by a certified dermatologist or specialist as the chemical can actually be damaging to your skin. It is left on your face for a few minutes and not any longer. If left for longer periods, it can cause extensive damage on your skin or even cause burns.

– Extraction : If you have any black or white heads that need to be removed, they will be extracted during this step. This might however be very painful. The main purpose of this step is to unclog your pores. It should however be done be a specialist as it might lead to broken capillaries, discoloration and broken skin. One might choose to skip this step in their facial treatment if they wish.

Getting a massage

Depending on your aesthetician, you might receive all kinds of massages; neck, head and shoulders. In the case of a facial massage, your facial muscles and the skin are stimulated and relaxed.

Product application and advice

This is known as the opportunity stage for the anesthetist. In this step, a facial product will be applied according to your skin type. It is meant to nourish, smoothen and moisturize your skin according to your needs. You will get advice on the type of product to use but if you have a specific one then ask them to use it. They might take this chance to make a sale though.
It is advisable to have a facial four times in a year. It would be a bad idea to have a facial on the day of a big event or a day before. This is because your face is normally pink and slightly swollen from the whole procedure. Give it time to get back to normal.


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