Skin Pigmentation is a common problem both among males and females. Asymmetric Color changes, discoloring patches on the skin (mainly on facial skin) are responsible for the aesthetic dermal complication termed as hyperpigmentation. Today, the problem can effectively be managed by certain beautification therapies and treatment methods. Let’s explore what is pigmentation; and how uneven pigmentation problem can be treated using the standard, proven methods.


What is pigmentation?

Usually skin undergoes uneven color changes due to presence of excessive melanin produced by melanocytes. The condition is harmless but often indicates malignancy in the epithelial layer of skin. Pigmentation doesn’t have any ethnic predominance. It equally manifests in all geographical regions around the globe.

Hyperpigmentation can be grouped into the following categories:

– Melasma is a condition where a patient suffers from brown patches on different regions of his face. The patches are spread symmetrically in the cheeks, nose-bridge, forehead, and upper lip. Mostly women suffer from this problem; whereas 10 percent patients are male.

– Chloasma is a common condition seen among pregnant women. Females produce excessive melanin during pregnancy period. The excessive melanin underneath the thin superficial skin of face complicate into colored precipitation. The condition worsens by sunburns or use of chemicals.

– Solar Lentigines is a condition where sun-exposed skin develops dark spots. Usually such spots are found on the face and hands. The condition is readily preventable and can be treated by several de-pigmentation methods.

– Freckles, Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (PIH) and Dark Eye Circles are also common skin problems that most women suffer in their reproductive life (15 yrs to 45 yrs). These are often embarrassing for the women these days. Fortunately, these conditions are treatable if you follow the basic rules and the standard management protocol.


Get rid of hyper pigmentation?

We are offering standard treatment methods to help you get rid of these embarrassing spots on your face. We have a team of talented cosmetic-professionals and beauticians who have been working in this industry for a long time. They have researched and explored the best techniques of managing pigmentation problems.

We are offering affordable services to our respected clients.

Our service quality is defined by:

– A great team of dedicated beauticians

– Best quality ingredients, international standard treatment procedures

– Affordable de-pigmentation packages designed for clients with different needs

– Professional counseling about what is pigmentation and lifestyle advice to prevent and manage them


Skin hyper pigmentation Treatment

A comprehensive management protocol involves multitude of actions. These actions are merged into one specific approach and thus an expert can remove the unwanted pigmented patches without damaging the skin anyway.
– Nutritional approach: Expert cosmeticians recommend eating more fruits and vegetables that contain anti-oxidants, vitamin E and essential

– Lifestyle interventions: Beauticians around the world recommend using sunscreens while going out in the sun. They also suggest everyone to avoid sun-beds. According to most acclaimed professionals, regular physical exercises and proper sleep at night prevent such skin problems.

– Specific treatment methods: Beauticians around the world use few specific treatment methods for removing the unwanted dark spots. The methods are: freezing method, LASER intervention technique, chemical peels and Derma-brasion. The techniques are accordingly chosen by an expert to help a patient recover easily and more effectively.

Our team members follow all these strategies to help the patients suffering from pigmentation problems. Our professionals working for us have been serving in the industry for a long time. They can readily prepare a comprehensive management plan for every individual that comes to us. Hence, we welcome you to kick the unwanted patches off your skin under expert supervision and guidance.


If you’ve been suffering from pigmentation problem, you should act promptly as it can worsen over time if kept unattained. Make an appointment with one of our pigmentation specialists and attend a comprehensive treatment session. Our proven techniques and advanced methods will certainly help you recover from these quickly. Our affordable, specially designed packages will certainly help you resolve any skin issue you might have been suffering from.



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