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Threading is of the ancient hair removal techniques that originated in the Eastern World. It has recently gained popularity as one of the most preferred method for working on eyebrows in Western and Asian countries. There are some people who use the method for getting rid of other facial hairs.

How is it done?

Threading requires a clean pair of hands, thin cotton thread or sewing thread (depending on the one you prefer).The eyebrow area is cleaned to remove excess oil and make up. This also helps to see the brows clearly without any obstructions to shape them in the right manner.About 11 inches of thread is cut and tied to make a loop. This can be made longer is the person working on the eyebrows has larger fingers or hands. From here 2 fingers are inserted on the loop from both hands in a manner that the knot is hidden. The fingers are then twisted to create an “X”. This is done in the same direction to make around 4 twists.The index finger and the thumb are used inside the loop while maintain the shape above.This is then placed on the eyebrow removing the unwanted hairs in an opposite direction from the way they grow. The “V” part of the thread is the one that is used for the process. This step is repeated until the desired shape is achieved.

Do’s and Don’ts of threading

  • Do make sure that you only work with a professional who has been trained to get the best results.
  • Do know that a little redness can appear after threading. This is a normal reaction that fades off after a few hours. You can apply a cool compress if necessary.
  • Do stay on top of your touchups- to keep the eyebrows in perfect condition, remember to go back to the esthetician to have the extra hair removed as soon as it grows.
  • Don’t be quiet- talk to our beauticians as they work on your eyebrows telling them how you would like the end result to be. If possible bring pictures to emphasize the point.
  • Don’t put anything on the eyebrow area such as make up, cleansers, or moisturizers immediately after the hair has been removed. It is recommended that you wait at least two hours so that bacteria does not access open pores.
  • Don’t use a razor before your next appointment. This is risky as it normally leaves the hair thick and course and you might end up removing too much hair in the process.

Benefits of threading

There are numerous benefits of threading eyebrows. Threading is a safe technique that does not hurt the skin as is the case with some creams and wax. This is because the top layer of the skin is not traumatized or peeled since no heat or harmful chemicals are used. Threading only works on the hair unlike if you were using wax as this also puts pressure on the skin, which causes it to loosen and have premature wrinkles.
It is a great option for individuals who have acne or sensitive skin. Depending on an individuals hair growth you might only need to book an appointment once or twice in a month enabling you to enjoy the results for longer.
Threading normally lifts hair from the follicles. When done over a long period of time, the hair follicle weakens which means that the hair which will grow becomes sparser and finer.The technique is preferred over other methods as it can be used for different types of hair i.e. short, long or coarse.
It is also important to note that it has an edge over the other methods when done right as it is fast and painless.

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